Tai Chi and Qigong classes in NYC and via live-stream, for all levels, beginning to advanced!

Tai Chi Chuan is an ancient exercise that embodies China’s most profound concepts and principles of health and movement

At the request of Professor Cheng Man-Ch’ing, the School of T’ai Chi Chuan was founded in 1976 by one of his senior students, Patrick Watson. Learn More

Live-stream and in-person classes now available

To find out how T’ai Chi or Qi Gong can benefit you, sample a class at the beginning of a course before committing to register and pay. Or try one of our free live-stream Qigong classes! Click on the link above to see our schedule of new beginners courses.

What is T’ai Chi Chuan?

T’ai Chi Chuan is an ancient Chinese system of movement for health and vitality. Its practice results in increased awareness, sensitivity, and an unexcelled art of self defense. The T’ai Chi form consists of a series of postures performed in a slow, continuous sequence…

Tai Chi Form Diagram

Where Can I Learn T’ai Chi?

We have locations in New York City, around the country, and the World. For our complete list of T’ai Chi schools and centers, please visit our T’ai Chi Locations page.

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