Schedule of classes

For any inquiries, to register and pay for a course online, or to stay informed of schedule updates, please click on this contact link to send us an email with your request.  You may also reach us by phone at 212-502-4112.

For a more detailed description of our full curriculum, visit our curriculum page.

Attend classes in person or live-stream

The New York School of T’ai Chi Chuan is offering live-streamed classes via Zoom as well as in-person classes. Scroll down this page to see more info about our available offerings for new beginners and more advanced students.

For inquiries, or to register for the courses listed below, please click on this contact link to send us an email with your request.  You may also reach us by phone at 212-502-4112.

Roots & Branches Qigong™
for Relaxation and Grounding

Click HERE to register for a free live-stream qigong class!

Highly recommended for all levels from brand new students to experienced practitioners, these classes teach basic tai chi principles of relaxed movement, balance, and energy flow in an accessible format that does not require memorizing a long series of postures.

Our QiGong, Roots & Branches 5 Element QiGong™, is based on the Cheng Man Ch’ing Style T’ai Chi form – also known as Yang Style short form – and is unique in the world of qigong.

To inquire about in-person classes, please click on this contact link to send us an email with your request.  You may also reach us by phone at 212-502-4112.

Testimonial for our Sunday qigong class: “This is just to thank you and Greg for such an enlightening and enjoyable class. Every Sunday I appreciate more how Greg simplifies (instead of complicating) basic tai chi principles and helps us to understand, enact and practice them. Through his class, I am learning for the first time how to actually relax and feel what’s happening, things I’ve been told to do from my first class, but have only begun to experience through Greg’s classes. Basic tai chi principles remain the same, but every week Greg puts them in a different light, revealing another facet of the diamond that is tai chi. Thanks again.” – Bill

For current and returning students

We offer a range of live-streamed T’ai Chi classes at different levels. All of our live stream offerings are now listed on our Weekly/Monthly Calendar.

Please use this contact link, or call us at 212-502-4112, to request more information on T’ai Chi and Qigong, and to register for the class or classes that will be most appropriate for your level of study.

Private lessons

Private lessons with senior teachers are available via Zoom or in person.

NYSTCC has set a price of $80 for a 45-minute live-stream Zoom session with one of our senior teachers. The base fee for in-person sessions normally starts at $100 per hour and may vary depending on the instructor and location. If you would like to set up a session or discuss how this might work for you, please call us at 212-502-4112 or use our contact link to let us know how to reach you, and that you would like to set up a session with one of our senior teachers.

Introductory classes
and new beginner courses

Our beginner tai chi courses are sequential – we accept new students within the first three sessions. Sample a class at no charge during the first three sessions of a beginners course!

If you have prior experience with tai chi, let us know and we may be able to fit you into one of our ongoing courses.

New beginner courses in these locations:

Next Beginners’ class, Spring or Fall TBA
Ripley-Grier Studios, 520 8th Avenue, Studio 16U, on the 16th floor
between 36th and 37th streets

Upper West Side 
Next Beginners’ class, Fall 2024 TBA

Washington Heights
Next Beginners’ class, April or May 2024 TBA
Outdoor classes in the southeast section of Ft Tryon Park
Indoor classes at Our Saviour’s Atonement Lutheran Church,
178 Bennett Ave, New York, NY 10040

Lower Manhattan 
Free drop-in classes in Corlears’ Hook Park and City Hall Park
Late Spring & Early Fall 2024 TBA

For info on course structure and tuition costs, visit this page.

FOR MORE INFO OR TO REGISTER for a class, please call 212-502-4112 or Click Here to fill out the linked contact form.
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Weekly/Monthly Calendar:

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